Wendy Abum

Night Settlement Coordinator.

Wendy has been working with Keystage since 2021. In her role as a Night Resettlement Coordinator, she is responsible for the security of the sites and the safety of the people who stay with Keystage. She is also involved in constantly reviewing the plan and protocols they follow, whilst working towards effective move-on options for the people who stay at Keystage.

In her day to day role, Wendy works alongside a diverse range of people and personalities, which means she uses her skills of being objective, and polite but assertive when communicating. “Like everyone who works at Keystage, it’s all about the people we help and so as part of my role I provide a listening ear and sense of belonging. Ultimately, Keystage is a home to those who are in desperate need of a roof over their heads. We’re often a lifeline to those who have experienced trauma in their lives; a safe place for those who have found themselves homeless.” 

In her time at Keystage, Wendy has already identified the struggles many of our service users have to go through to find accommodation. It became clear to her very quickly that moving on to independent living is a daunting prospect. “The Service Users I speak to are pitted against high rent costs, lack of available housing, and worries of landlords not wanting to take them on as tenants. They are shut out from many chances in life. With personal, financial, and social obstacles piled in front of them, many of those who come to us need that extra hand to help them gain their independence. We explore every option for them and we also go the extra mile to work in partnership with local councils, other housing providers and agencies to ensure that training, education, and housing are adequately provided.”

Her role has also helped Wendy herself progress, allowing her to further sharpen her ability to deal with very challenging and potentially violent situations calmly and confidently; with the sole purpose of ensuring they have the best possible platform to get ahead in life. “Our sole aim is to achieve effective outcomes. We also focus on providing those at our sites with empowerment. We do all we can to reduce their risk of becoming stuck, disheartened, and isolated by the challenges they face.”

Finally, on Keystage as a company to work for: “The company really encourages us to continually grow in our roles. It’s a harmonious environment to work in, where good working relationships exist.”


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