HMIP Thematic Report on Accommodation

Keystage Housing is really proud to have received recognition today in a report published by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons and Probation for its innovative work around accommodating ex-offenders in Luton.

We understand that success is about more than just providing accommodation and are proud to have the impact recognised of the great work undertaken by our staff in helping people to turn their lives around and make long-lasting change.

Broadly, the report identifies that not enough is being done across the system to give ex-offenders the support they need to make a success of their resettlement in the community and in particular that too many offenders who pose the highest levels of risk leave custody to whereabouts unknown. The report urges the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to work much more collaboratively together to develop a joint strategic approach around the resettlement of ex-offenders and Keystage Housing very much hopes to expand our influence in developing an understanding of what works when it comes to resettling ex-offenders safely and successfully.

Director of Operations, Toni Nye commented "We're really pleased to see this, often overlooked, issue brought into the spotlight. Providing a safe and stable place for ex-offenders to live is to everyone's benefit and it's our ambition to give as many people as we can a second chance; from this solid foundation our staff can then work with individuals to address other barriers preventing them from moving forward often leading to reoffending, such as employment, drug and alcohol use and underlying mental health conditions. We welcome the recommendations around a greater strategic approach to improving outcomes and supporting organisations like ours to increase opportunities for both the individuals we support and the wider community. We already work really closely with MHCLG, our Local Authorities and departments of the MoJ, including the National Probation Service and BeNCH Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) and hope that our approach can be the blueprint for the future."

Keystage Housing has assisted: over 272 individuals since opening Accommodation with Resettlement support for Ex-Offenders in July 2018 and recently 276 individuals experiencing homelessness or rough sleeping and assisted with Rapid Resettlement via the MHCLG funded HARRP (Homeless Assessment Rapid Resettlement Pathway).


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