Rachel Kirk

Rachel’s career began in childcare, focused on children with additional needs, and then progressed into housing where she worked as a Housing Officer for a homeless hub. A house move to Northampton brought her to the area and she took up her current role at Keystage. “It’s perfect for me. Throughout my life I’ve focused on the areas of safeguarding and mental health which led me to want to work with vulnerable people. I enjoy being able to help develop people’s independent living skills and build their confidence ready for them to move on successfully.”

Rachel was keen to work with Keystage Housing after meeting some of its staff who always presented as knowledgeable about the people they were supporting. “I was also intrigued about Keystage’s philosophy. Whereas other services are very rental and tenancy focused, Keystage is focused on a holistic approach to the individual, which promotes a more stable, future outcome built around what works for that person.”

Rachel’s role as Service Administrator at Keystage’s HARRP Trinity service in Northampton is focused very much on the care of the service users at Keystage. Her responsibilities involve signing up new Service Users and going through their licence agreements, working on the health and safety of the building, conducting room checks and ensuring rooms are compliant within licence conditions, and working with a Service User to action anything that comes of this. She also books repairs and ensures the environment is a bright pleasant place for everyone living at the site. “The environment is imperative to an individual’s recovery. A pleasant and homely environment can encourage and motivate individuals and allows them to settle in and reset.”

She also works closely with the managers to keep a track of everything that happens within the service. “Our approach will often iterate in line with our environment and we adapt to overcome any challenges.”

Rachel’s work doesn’t stop when she gets home! “I’m studying for a degree in Forensic Psychology, the principles of which I apply in my daily work.”

On Keystage’s future, Rachel hopes to see expansion in Northampton. “There is a huge requirement for services in complex needs, independent living and for women. Keystage will hopefully expand into new areas such as these and support many more who are experiencing homelessness in the area”.


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